I want 5 senteces changed from active voice to passive voice as a conversation between 2 people


Here is a conversation between 2 people in active voice:

R: I take French classes nowadays.

G: I am learning to play guitar.

R: I joined the coaching classes yesterday.

G: My parents gifted me a guitar on my birthday.

R: I will buy a French dictionary to understand the subject better.

G: I will play my music in front of the entire nation someday.


Few of the above sentences, changed into passive voice, are:

G: Guitar is being learnt by me.

G: A guitar was gifted to me by my parents.

G: My music would be played by me someday, in front of the entire nation.


Hope the above examples help you with your query and guide you through converting rest of the sentences into passive voice as well.

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For example: A theft has occured in an office

Manager: Yesterday the floor was cleaned by suresh after everyone left the office at 5:00 pm

Police:By whom was the door locked

Manager: The door was locked By the night watchman

Police: By whom was the footprint at the doorstep found

Manager: The footprints at the door step were found by me Today at 6:30 am 

I hope this Helps


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 1)He broke the window. Active Voice

     The window is broken (by him or somebody). PASSIVE VOICE

2)The cat killed the rat. Active Voice

The rat was killed by the catPASSIVE VOICE

3)Ramesh opened the door. Active Voice

   The door was opened by Ramesh. PASSIVE VOICE

4) Ritu ate an Apple. Active Voice

    An Apple was eaten by Ritu. PASSIVE VOICE

5) Sanjana brought a book. Active Voice

   The book was brought by Sanjana. PASSIVE VOICE




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