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Subject: English , asked on 13/8/15

 i want a debate on "education should be skill based rather than knowledge based"....against the motion...

Param Sukhadia , added an answer, on 7/6/13
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I have the opinion that we don 't need a;; the education skilled base.then we have a sufficient number of vocational institutions which are providing the necessary skilled based education.



my knowledge friend has beautifully analise that sducation should be skill can also imagin that what the fature would be if we have only skilled base manpower without the personal having knowledges base education


i fell that knowledge base education is a must for a developing countery like ours.we need managers,professionals of a high order who can plans desingn things seeing the need of time.these professionals can 's be form plumbers or technicians.they should be comming from colledges and universities like IITs,IIMs..,etc.where knowledge base educations is imarted...

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