i want a paragraph in english from an expert,comprising of 150- 200 words on AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A 1-RUPEE COIN for my exams.

The life story of a one-rupee coin

I am a one-rupee coin, the smallest denomination of coin in current use in India. I may be small but my story is very exciting. I was minted at the coin factory under great security and scrutiny. On one of my faces was printed the emblem of the lions of Ashoka's pillar and the other face showed my worth of being a rupee. I was shiny and sparkled in the light. From the mint I was transferred to the Reserve Bank of India. From there, I was sent into circulation to do my job of being a rupee.

The first person who owned me was a merchant who took me as change against a bigger note. He gave me to his five year old son when he returned from work. The boy was thrilled to get such a shiny coin and instantly put me in his piggy bank. I was frightened to be thrown in with other coins in complete darkness. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw coins of five and ten rupees lying all around me. They made fun of me and bullied me by pushing and jostling. We made a loud, clinking noise. The little boy was so upset that he broke his piggy bank. He used me to buy candy from the shop.

The shopkeeper had greasy hand that spoiled my shiny surface. He kept me in his money box. I was finally given out to a kind, old lady who put me in her purse. I jingled and laughed with the other coins. She took me out to pay for a bus ticket when I slipped out of her hands and fell in the roadside ditch. Now, I am waiting for someone to find me and rescue me from this filthy, smelly place!

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