I want a paragraph on student - teacher relationship.

When child first time steps in schools desks, he tries to make relationship whit people around him especially the teachers.Ifteacher start to understand hisstudents(most of them dont do that) there will be agood relationship, because when students have problems on school they can speak freely whit there teachers and they can find solution together that is good for every one. If that relationship and communication student - teacher is good student will have more respect to the teacher and he will pay more attention on his classes. But if that relationship is bad, then going to school and teachers classes will be the biggest nightmare for the student and for the teacher. So students have to had respect to the teachers and teachers have to had toleration to students for good relationship between them.- School is the place where we spend most of our day. when we come home, we are tired and want to sleep, or we havehome works, or we just go out with friends. so the people that maybe know us better than anyone even our parents, sometimes) are the teachers, the people that we see, talk, laugh and even dislike everyday. so, I think that make an important role in our development in our character, behavior. they grow us and make us become people and good citizens. that is why i think relationships with them are a very important part of our life. If they are understanding and care about us, then we become better people in the future. bless our teachers.

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