I want a story starting from the line " A new day breaks , an old hunger aches..." . I would prefer the story to be in horror , thriller genre but even otherwise will do . it should be a high standard . Thanks  a lot !!! :) BTW i want it ASAP

A new dawn breaks, an old hunger aches. Jack was hungry to go to his childhood home. To see those swings on which se spent his playing hours. To sit on the table on which he spent his lazy mornings drooling. But going back there is a risk to take. The town was abandoned ten years ago after an outbreak in a nearby facility. No one knew what was going on that facility until the outbreak. It was all hush hush about the on goings inside the dark warehouse. Little did the innocent residents know that patients with terminal diseases were lured in there with hopes of being treated. They were experimented on with serums, hoping to create a mutation, to make superhumans.To make super slaves. But the experiments never yeilded any results. The torture turned the experiment subjects into maniacs. And one day, a maniac whose mutation got activated and gave him invincible strengths, started a fire, which resulted in an explosion. Some died, but most broke out and escaped the high security asylum. That's when the havoc started. The maniacs fled into the town, ripping through it. The citizens were terrified. Not only were the maniacs haunting to look at, but they were so mentally derailed that they killed and ate humans.The residents hid in their basements and waited for dawn. Many never say the light of the day. Somehow Jack's family, and some others were able to flee the town. Remembering that night brought chills all through his spine. And he decided to let the hunger ache.  

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