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I want ans fast irre e¯Correct the errors in the use of pronouns in these sentences. Identify whether the pronouns that you have replaced are emphasising, distributive, reciprocal or indefinite. 1. I did not buy neither of the two pens. 2. I filled up the forms herself. 3. One must be careful about what he says. 4. 'You will only do well if you help one,' the coach told the team 5. Jaya himself invited her friends for the party. 6. Some of the boys was given a balloon. 7. Raj didn't tell someone that he needed help. 8. Every of the students in the class passed the exam. 9. Any of the company's business is done in India. 10. I had to hold on to the chair to steady itself. 11. None doesn't know what to say in such a situation. Note whet 12. Although he is an Indian, either of his companies is set in India. 13. The criminals gave himself up to the police. 14. Sam and his brother have stopped talking to one other after a silly fight.

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