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I want ans for this experts plzz WORKSHEET-2 DATE: 21.122017 sclENCE IS MATTER AROUND US PURE STD:IX I. During an experiment the students were asked to prepare (mass/mass) solution of sugar in water. Ramesh g dissolved log of sugar in I oog of water while Sarika prepared itby dissolving I Og Ofsugar in water to make solution. Find out whether the two solutions are same in concentration. Compare the mass pertentage Ofthe 2 solutions. 2. TO make a saturated solution , 36K Of sodium chloride is dissolved 100g Of water at 295K Find its concentration at this temperature. 3. A. Calculate the solubility of the solute at 293 K, when a saturated solution is prepared by dissolving 3g Of solute in 30g Of water B. Calculate the volume by volume percentage Of a solution Of 15m' Of ethyl alcohol in 60ml of gasoline. 4. How much witt be required to prepare aqueous salt solution by adding I Og of common salt? 5. The teacher instructed three students A, B and C respectively to prepare 50% (mass by volume ) solution of Sodium Hydroxide. A dissolved 50 g of NaOH in 100 ml of water, B dissolved 50 g of NaOH in 100g of water while C dissolved 50g Of NaOH in water to make 100ml of solution. Which one Of them has made the desiæå solution and Why?

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1. No, the concentration of the two solutions are different.Mass % =Mass of soluteMass of solution×100Mass of solution=Mass of solute + Mass of solventFor Ramesh :Mass %=1010+100×100=10110×100=9.09%For Sarika : Mass %=10100×100=10%2. Concentration can be expressed in mass %Mass % =Mass of soluteMass of solution×100Mass of solution=Mass of solute + Mass of solventSo, Mass %=36100+36×100=26.47% (mass/mass)Kindly ask the remaining query in the next thread.

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