I want ans

I want ans Circle the correct words to complete these sentences. l. Politics is/are in his blood. 2. My trousers/trouser are too tight. 3. | bought three dozens/dozen mangoes. 4. She gave an alm/alms to the beggar. 5. I have a new pair of scissors/scissor. 6. He has learnt the English alphabet/alphabets very quickly. 7. Some staff/staffs from the office will accompany you. 8. I need a lot of information/informations regarding this tribe. 9. Many leading member/members Of the opposition have/has to justify this. 10. We must buy appropriate clothing/clothings for our high altitude trek. I have an important piece of new/news for you. We are buying some furnitures/furniture today. Would you like to have some coffee/coffees. Mathematics is/are a difficult subject.

1. is
2. trousers
3. dozen
4. alms
5. scissors
6. alphabet
7. staff
9. members, have
10. clothing
11. news
12. furniture
13. coffee
14. is

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