I want answers for all these questions

I want answers for all these questions QI. Convert the following quantities as ratios: 1. 7 min. to 120 sec. 2. 75 paisetoRs.2. Q2. By selling a garden chair for Rs. 657, a shopkeeper loses 8 — What is the cost price of the chair? Q3. If a man wants to sell his furniture piece for Rs. 720, he would lose 25%. At what price must he sell to gain 25%? Q4. Find the single discount equivalent to two successive discount of 20% and 10%. Q5. A shop Selling calculators offers 4% discount on all purchases. What does a customer pay for a calculator whose marked price is Rs. 650? Q6. A shopkeeper marks his goods 10% above of its cost price and allows a disc6unt of 10%. What per cent does he gain or loss? Q7. The cost of a calculator and a typewriter is in the ratio 1 : 9. If the typewriter costs Rs. 360. What is the cost of calculator? Q8. Miti and Gunjan shared some stamps in the ratio 2 : 5. If Gunjan had given 30 stamps to Miti, they would both have the same number of stamps each. How many stamps Miti had at first? Q9. Mr. Lal left all his property to be shared among his wife and four sons in the ratio 3 : 5. All his four sons had an equal shares each. If his wife received Rs. 135000. How much did each son get? QIO. 28% Of the total number of pupils in a school Can swim. If the enkolment Of the school is 1050. How many pupils in the school cannot swim? QII. Find the compound interest on Rs. 5,000 at 8% per annum for 2 years. Q12. The price of an article is Rs. 12,000 and sales tax charged on it is 12%. Find the cost of the article when a customer buys it. Q13. Find the cost price of a towel costing Rs. 80 when sales tax of 8% is charged on it. Q14. If 8% VAT is included in the price, find the original cost of a bedsheet costing Rs. 150. COMPARING OUANTITIES | 63

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