I want dialogue writing topic for class 6, I cant find it on the app and on website it is showing for class 10 if possible share the link of dialogue writing class 6 or website of meritnation link please

Dear Student,

Dialogue writing is a conversation that happens between two people. There will be a topic of discussion and this is produced in writing form. There is no set format for dialogue writing. But given below is an example that will help you.

Q: Write a dialogue between two friends telling how they spent their Diwali vacations.

Ranju : How was your Diwali celebration and vacation? Did you enjoy a lot?
Ranjit : I had an awesome Diwali vacation this year.
Ranju : Really! How was it different from last year?
Ranjit : We decided to celebrate a safe Diwali.
Ranju : Wow! That is so thoughtful of you.
Ranjit : We lighted diyas and the whole place shone with its light. ​​​​​​It was a spectacular sight.​​​​​​


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