I want  questionnaire based on fayol's principles ( total 20 questions ) to take survey from employees of factories or company 

here are 15 questionnaire based on fayols principle

I. Do you specialize in your departments work?

II. Has anyone of the other department asked you to do their work?

III. Does your organization respect authority and compile with rules and regulations?

IV. Do you have to report your work to one high command or more?

V. Have you ever been ordered by two superiors at the same time?

VI. Does your company give more importance to opinions of superiors or to the general opinion of the company?

VII. Was there any situation where employees were not satisfied by the general interest?

VIII. Are you satisfied with your salary?

IX. Is there any specific workplace each employee must be in, in each department?

X. Do those with positions get their own cabin?

XI. Does your superior hand out authority to the employees often?

XII. Does your company have a suggestion box?

XIII. Is there a lot of staff turnover in your company?

XIV. Is there any system of penalization in your company?

XV. Does your company arrange events for employees?

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i am not getting that material that i want..!!

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i want questionnaire based on fayols principle to take survey from employees of factories

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i want questionnaire based on taylor's &  fayol's principles of management to survey from employees of MNCs or other companies
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Guidelines for Project Work in Business Studies


  Application of
the general Principles of management advocated by Fayol.

Page:3     Acknowledgement

Page:4     Certificate
This is to certify that _________________ of class 12 has successfully completed the project work on Business Studies  for class XII practical examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education in the year 2014-2015.It is further  certified that this project is the individual and bonafide work of the candidate.
Mentor: Your teacher will sign here
Name : Write name of your teacher
I am pleased to submit project work in Business Studies for class XII.I am extremely grateful to CBSE for introducing this project in Business studies.
This project has given me ample opportunity to observe the application of the general Principles of management advocated by Henry  Fayol ,thus increased my understanding of the concepts studied. This has resulted in enhancing my analytical, interpreting and creative skills.
The Project work is strictly according to the guidelines given by CBSE
The salient features of this project are:
  • Visiting the outlet (Mention name and area of outlet)
  • Interview of Branch Manager
  • Survey of employees
  • Survey from customers who are visiting that outlet regularly
  • Use of Personal observation  to see the application of Fayol’s Principles of Management
  • Use of online information and news about organisation
This project has helped me to understand the benefit of application of Principles of management to the organisation and other stakeholders.
Page:6     Index: List of contents(Leave one page ,we will fill this in the end)
Page:7      Introduction of Henry Fayol (Paste his picture ,write about his birthplace ,profession and significant contributions)
Page:8     Principle of Management given by Fayol (Explain all 14 Principles of Fayol  ,you can paste or draw related pictures or diagrams or flow charts ,this can take 14 pages –explain one principle on one page)
Page:9     Organisation selected
  • Name of Organisation
  • Brief introduction of Organisation
  • Way of working (Paste Pictures )
Page:10     Application of Fayol’s Principle of Management in organisation
(Explain application of all 14 principles in that organisation ,Find which principle is applicable and which is not and how ?.Also of which principle application cannot be identified)(Paste pictures where ever applicable )
Page:11 Appendix (Includes all tables , questionnaires , worksheets , Interview questions  ,diagrams etc. used for study .Make a table showing which principle is applicable and which is not ,you can put tick marks or cross sign  ,check table drawn below) Sno. Name of principle Applicable Not applicable Could not be identified 1. Unity of Command
    2. Division of work  
  3. Scalar chain    
Page:12  Conclusion (write about your observation and finding about applicability of Fayol’s principles in that organisation .It will be summary of topics covered in Page no. 10  . Also write how these principles have helped that organisation in achieving popularity, profits etc.)
Page:13  Bibliography (list of the sources you used to get information for your project   like Website ,books ,magazines ,newsletter ,newspapers etc.)
Page:14  Teacher’s Remarks and Observation (Teacher will write this )
Name of Teacher:
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What is managment
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mam/sir i need the quationare according to the principles of foyal
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Management is uniformly needed at all places
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How fayol principle of management is applied in Levi,s company... plz plz plz give me the answers in detail ....
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14 principles questionnaire of Henry fayol with answers
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questinnaire for fayol s priniciple
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questionnaire on taylor s principle
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These are some of the questions I used for my project based on Taylor's principle 1. Are the activities undertaken in the firm scientifically planned and managed? 2.When the managers get huge gains do they share it with the workers? 3.Does the workers accept the changes that are good for the company? 4.Does the management hear out the workers suggestions? 5.Are the workers satisfied with the work intervals they get after long hours of work? 6.Does your company give equal remuneration to all the workers doing similar work? 7.Does your company give bonus to those employees who perform above normal rate? 8.Does the organisation cooperate with the workers? 9.Do the workers get paid regularly? 10.Do the workers get allowance?
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One of tecnique given by F.W taylor violates principle given by henry fayol identify that and explain
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Here is the questionaarie

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Here are 15 questions regarding this:- 1). Are all people in the organisation employed in their specialised job? 2). Is there a balance between authority and responsibility assigned to you? 3). Do both management and workers honour their commitment? 4). Are you accountable to only one superior? 5). Do you have one head plan for each and every work? 6). Does organizational interest take priority over your individual interest? 7). Do you feel that overall pay and compensation is just and fair equitable? 8). Does all the decisions making lie within the top level management? 9). Do you have formal limes of authority and communication? 10). Do all the resources in your industry have fixed place for item?11). Have you ever felt discrimination against you on any basis? 12). 11).
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Page 57 and 58 ansers from subhash dey class 12 buisnss studies
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I want questionnaire based on fayols principles total 20 questions to take survey from employees of reserve Bank of india
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Henry fayols 14 principles based on mc donald 14
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Questionnaire on fayols principle
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