I want reason for this question

I want reason for this question ly I Allilibrium is necessary in the various bio-geo-chemical cycles. c. Flow ofnutrients through an ecosystem is cyclic.

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b. Biogeochemical cycles is movement of material through a system include water, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon cycle. All nutrients used by organisms are recycled by these cycles which prevent from being lost from environment. All these cycles help to maintain a balance of nutrients so that they are not lost but are replenished for being used further.Therefore equilibrium is maintained.

c. The minerals locked up in the bodies of living things get back into the soil because the decomposers release them from the parts of the living things or their excreta. The minerals thus, released are reutilised by the plants and being recirculated in the system. So, the biogeochemical transfer is cyclic in nature.  The movement of nutrient element through various component of ecosystem is called biogeochemical cycle.


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