1. Why was the method of classification given by Aristotlenot accepted ?

2. What is Coelome ?

3. Describe he main characteristicsthat are used for heirachicalclassification ?

4. List out common features between Rat, Cat and Bat ?

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Drawbacks of Aristotle's classification are:

1. Many unrelated organisms are places in the same group, due to their matching habitats.

2. Many related organisms are positioned in different groups due to their differences in their form and habitats.

3. No evolutionary relationship between the organisms has been considered, while making the classification.

(ii) The body of some animals is made up of three layers of cells, the outer ectoderm, the middle mesoderm and the inner endoderm. The body cavity or the coelom is the space enclosed by the mesoderm where the internal organs are suspended. Some animals do not have a true coelom but the mesoderm is present in scattered pouches. Such animals are said to be pseudocoelomic. For example Phylum Nematoda. The animals that have a true body cavity are known as coelomic or eucoelomic. For example, phylum Annelida. The animals that do not have a coelom are called acoelomate. Example, Phylum Porifera.

(iii) Concrete examples that are used for hierarchical classification-
1. Eukaryotic cells contains nucleus, a membrane bound organelle, but some organisms do not have membrane bound nucleus which helps to classify the different organisms.
2. Whether the cells are grouped together (division of labour) or they live as an individual group.
3. Whether the organisms make their own food (photosynthesis) or dependent for food on other organisms.

Three common features between cat, bat and rat are:

1) They have hair.

2) All are warm blooded animals

3) They have four chambered heart


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