I want the interesting facts of the chapter The Fight. ( 5 to 6 points )

Dear student,

Some facts of the chapter 'The Fight' are as follows:

- Ranji dived into the pool with such clean and glossy water in Rajpur. In his hometown of Rajputana, he had swum only in pools with muddy and sticky water where buffaloes also bathed and people washed clothes.
- A boy who saw Ranji swimming questioned his presence at the pool, which he proclaimed to be his. He informed Ranji he was a Warrior and did not like to deal with villagers like him. He asked Ranji to leave. Ranji replied he was a Fighter.
- The stranger threatened Ranji with dire consequences and finally slapped him across the face as he did not budge. In reply, Ranji boxed his face. They fought violently, rolling over land and in shallow water.

- It became tough for Ranji to explain the injuries to his mother who asked him to stay home for the rest of the day. Still, he managed to sneak out to the bazaar, where he enjoyed hot jalebis and sweet lemonade.
- The Warrior asked Ranji to come across to his side and fight, and Ranji challenged him to do the same. The stranger then mocked him saying he could perhaps not swim the length of the pool.
- The Warrior tried unsuccessfully to swim under water. Ranji agreed to teach him how to dive and swim under water. The Warrior threatened to beat him otherwise. He introduced himself as Suraj and said he was training to be a wrestler, and so drank almost a 'seer' of milk daily.



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