I want the meaning of these words with frame sentences

Dear student
1) Despised- It means a serious disregard ( hatred ) for something or someone.
For eg- She despised being called short yesterday.
2) Boer- It refers to the people of Dutch community who settled in South Africa in the 17th century.
For eg- I saw a group of Boer yesterday.
3) Harshest- It means extreme unkind or unfavourable.
​​​​​​For eg- She has been through the harshest conditions to reach here.
4) Resilience- It means to adjust or cope up with limited resources.
For eg- The survivors of storm showed a great resilience.
5) Grimmest- It means extremely unpleasant and sad.
For eg- This holiday is the grimmest reminder of what happened to her daughter.
Hope this helps!

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These are the words pls say the meaning and one sentence for each....
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