I want the solution for it

I want the solution for it spring balance different speeds air tersed in a liquid of expressions for the immersed in 12. 13. (a) the upthrust in water. r. (b) the weight of body in water . Will the body float or sink in water ? .......„ A body weighs kgf in air and kgf in water. Find : (a) the upthrust on body in water. (b) the volume of body if density of water is I g crn-3...... (c) the upthrust on body if it is immersed in a liquid of density 1-2 g cm-3. _ A solid of density 8-9 g cm-3 weighs 54 kgf. It is immersed in a liquid of density g cm-*. What will it weigh in the liquid ? A body experiences an upthrust 200 gf in water. What will be the upthrust on the body in a liquid of relative density ? 14. State Archimedes' principle. mmersed in 15. A body of volume 100 crn3 weighs I kgf in air. It is completely i

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13th answer is 160gf
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