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I want this page answer disturxe it tru•elled nrtres t of an object is zero. the octual disturwe truverscd by m. , I . What are vectors and scalars? 2. Which of the quantities distance, speed, velocity. tin* displacement are scalars and which are vectors? ce travelled •quired in one direction e is called its n be one second, f large units are used as a unit of occurs in unit Always remember I. The units of speed a the same. In the Sl system. u is rn/s while in the CGS is cmls. 2. Speed is related to distance velocity is related to displacement. 4. If the motion is along a

Post multiple queries in different thread. The answer to question no 1 is below,. scalar quantity is an physical quantity which has magnitude but no direction. examples of scalar: temperature( temp. has magnitude but it cant be expressed in an direction), time( time can be measured in second or hours but cant be given an direction as in 20 minutes south ) on the other hand vector quantities are those which have magnitude as well as direction . for e.g. a car moving with a speed of 20 km/hr east

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