i want to make a working model of hydroelectric power house.Can you pls give the steps to make it and the material required

Aim:To construct a small scale working model of a hydro-electric powerplant

Meterials Required: Copper Wire, Metal Rod, Turbine, Very Powerful Magnets,pipes, LEDs, Ammeter, Voltmeter.

Construction: a) Generator

Take a metal rod with two bends at its ends by 90o angle.

Wind the metal rod with copper wire(more you wind more better results ,winding too less will make the model fail).Mark the two ends of the wires.

Attach a rod to the magnet and using boxes or more rods get the magnet fit in the bends of the coil without touching the ends when spun.

Connect the other end of the rod(of the magnet) to a turbine.

Construction: b) Water Components

Arrange some pipes in a way such that the water falling form the pipes make the turbine rotate.

It better if you keep the whole apparatus in a palstic tray so that water does not spill off.

Also make sure you keep enough distance between the turbine and the electrical components(magnet,coil,etc) so that water will not cause any trouble to them.

Construction: c) Electrical Components

Connect a ammeter to the two ends of the coil in series with 1 or more LED(s) and place a volt meter parallel accross the two ends.

Theory:The Generator works on electro-magnetic induction(Michal Faraday Prinicples).When the magenet is rotated by any means it induces electric current.More clearly, when an electric conductor is brought into a changing magnetic feild(here, caused by rotation of the magnet) electricity is induced in the conductor(coil).

Observation:When water is allowed to flow, the water causes the turbine to rotate, which results in the rotation of the magnets and causes electricity to be induced in the coil which causes the LED(s) to glow and provide a reading in the ammeter and voltmeter.

What ever I have typed is just how to make a electric generator and gave an idea to get the magnet spinning by water.If you refer through internet you will get better tutorial on how to make an electric generator.The only change you need to do is change the method used to spin the magnet to a method that can make the magnet spin by flowing water to make a hydroelectric power plant.

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