i want to write a paragraph on Man-a slave to machines

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We are living in the machine era. From the time we get up in the morning till the time we go to bed in the night, we push buttons. From tea making to massaging foot, there is a gadget for everything. There are electric toothbrushes and shavers available for the ones who are absolutely in love with machines. However, even in this modern age, there are folks who like to go the old way. But little are their virtues valued in this world freaking out with men shackled in wires and button dependent. Man has become a slave of machines! In this 21st century, where the world has allegedly come close to the judgement day, the science lovers are wondering about a Sci-fi Noa’s Ark. Mr. Bill Gates has already prepared a vacuum room where he has stored various seeds and other things that will be helpful for the man, if he escapes the Great Flood. The journey from Super Computers to Palm tops has been an adventurous romance. It is said that the future is about Nano technology. A total dependent on Internet and cell phone, man has no time to devote to his personal relationships. Though we have advanced technologically, we have lost values like love and affection. Man has become mechanical like his machines and his first and last loves are all gadgets and gizmos.


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