i want to write an informal letter to my friend inviting him for my birthday. how do i write it?

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To Your Friend Inviting Her/Him On Your Birthday PartyExamination Hall,Karachi.4th September, 2011My Dear Friend,I heard that you have returned from States recently. How was your stay there. Your sister wrote to me several letters and I promptly replied to her.Any how let me come to the point of my letter. I am celebrating my fourteenth birthday on 28th of December. I have invited almost all friend whom you know very well. The venue of the party is my residence and time is 5 pm.May I take this opportunity to informally invite you to attend my birthday party on date and time mentioned as above.We shall have a topping time and it will be a great pleasure for me to feel your presence at the party.I shall eagerly be looking forward to your attending my birthday party.With good wishes and good luck to you.Yours affectionatelyX-Y-Z
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hope u have got ur answer ,so plz plz pl z give me thumps up

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