I wanted some feedback for the answer that I have written. The ques is - Is act of hero-worshipping justified by the teenagers ?

- It is a very good attempt!
- Just be careful of subject-verb agreement: 'Sophie fantasises...'.
- Incomplete sentence: 'That she met him...'
- You may add: Sometimes teenagers indulge in petty crimes to be able to buy clothes or gadgets endorsed by their idols. They might end up following their idols blindly: developing poor habits like drinking, smoking, etc.

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ur answer is quite awesome and i found it perfect . i guess instead of dream world , virtual world of fantasies will sound better here .and i guess u wrote ideal instead of idol by mistake . and the opening line is nt that catchy . else the content is awesome:) i found it helpful 
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Thanks :))
And I wrote it in hurry, so i must have written ideal :P
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