(i) Which of the two roads did the poet take?
(ii) Which road according to the poet, had the better claim?
(iii) Which phrase in the stanza means ‘had not been used so frequently’?

(i) The poet took the less used road out of the 2 roads which forked in his journey.
(ii) The second road had the better claim because it was grassy and not worn, unlike the other road.
(iii) Because it was grassy and wanted wear

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poet had taken that road which probably not taken by everyone only few people  had that road
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according to the poet the road which was good is that road which was taken by about everyone
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The poet took the road that 'wanted wear', that is less travelled by as compared to the first road.
2.) It had a better claim because it was grassy and not had been worn by the travellers' steps.
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poet takes 2 nd road as it looked grassy and unweared
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The phrase 'had not been used so frequently' means that travellers didnot use the road (i.e. Profession). Therefore they used the first road as profession not choosing the other one. And the poet chooses the second road for profession that is not worned by the travellers.
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