Identify all the possible monochloro structural isomers expected to be formed on free radical monochlorination of (CH3)3CHCH2CH3

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There would be three possible products on the basis of stability of the carbon radical and the relative reactivity of the 1°: 2°: 3° hydrogen atoms of the 1°: 2°: 3° carbon radical obtained. Since, for electron withdrawing species (Cl-atom) -I effect is applied and so stability of the carbon radical is in order of 3°> 2°> 1° so reactivity of  free radicals will be of 3°> 2°> 1° in (CH3)2CHCH2CH3 ( the given formula is wrong as carbon should have only four valency) in free radical monochlorination.

So, the product obtained is :

ClC(CH3)2CH2CH3  (45.9%) ,  (CH3)2CH-CHClCH3 (38.8%) ,(CH3)2CHCH2CH2Cl ( 15.3%).

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