Identify the adjectives and their kind

Identify the adjectives and their kind B. Identify the adjectives and their kind. J. Today is a beautiful day. '2. The weather is cool and pleasant. $. She did not clear the final test. 4. 5. 6. 7. S. 9. 10. 11. 14. Earlier films used to be silent. Rahim slept all day long. Igo through every piece of news seriously. There is still some milk in the jug. Either boy can go at time, but not both. Those flowers have withered. A few members attended the meeting. The excitement ofmeeting with each other was brea Stand aside. Let these people pass. They are too poor to afford enough food to eat. He is deeply ashamed of his rude behaviour. -He should be given a second chance to qualify the te That train is bound for Chennai.

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1. Beautiful - Descriptive adjective
2. cool, pleasant - descriptive adjective
3. final - numerical adjective
4. silent - descriptive adjective
5. long - descriptive adjective
6. every - distributive adjective
7. some - quantitative adjective
8. either - distributive adjective
9. those - demonstrative adjective
10. few - quantitative adjective
11. each - distributive adjective
12. these - demonstrative adjective
13. enough - quantitative adjective
14. rude - descriptive adjective
15. second - quantitative adjective
16. that - demonstrative adjective


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