.Identify the adjectives in these sentences and state their types.
1. Have you seen my blue shirt?
2. These shoes were lying outside my front door.
3. My eldest son is studying to be an architect.
4. The children saw three peacocks on the roof.
5. Each student gave his project to the class teacher.
6. These plants are called touch-me-not.
7. This is his own painting.
8. That is the very man who has been following us since morning.
9. The weary traveller rested under the shady tree in our garden.
10. The cook bought some apples and made a delicious pie.

Dear Student,
You are requested to post only 1 question per thread. Please repost the other questions separately. 
1. Blue= adjective of quality 
2. These = demonstrative adjective
3. Eldest= attributive adjectives

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