Identify the objects and underline the objective complements of the following...

1. She was voted most talented singer of the year
2. You are allowed two attempts to clear this exam
3. She was very happy because she was made school captain
4. They choose the young man their leader
5. He doesn't consider them very reliable
6. People gathered in the street called him a hero
7. They don't want to put her in command
8. She was thought unqualified for the post
9. The jury pronounced the accused not guilty
10. I reached home and found my dog sick

Dear Student.
  1. Object: She  Object complement: most talented singer of the year
  2. Object: exam  Object complement: two attempts 
  3. Object: she  Object complement: school captain
  4. Object: young man  Object complement: leader
  5. Object: them  Object complement: reliable
  6. Object: him  Object complement: hero
  7. Object: her Object complement: command
  8. Object: she  Object complement: unqualified
  9. Object: accused  Object complement: not guilty
  10. Object: dog  Object complement: sick
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