identify whether the underlined words are noun phrases or noun clauses.

1.grandmother told us an exciting story.

2.grandfather told us that he knew many stories.

3.i heard of the accident.

4.i heard how the accident happened.

5.we expect that the prices will rise.

6.we expect a price rise.

7.i believe in what he says.

8.i believe his story.

1.Grandmother told us an exciting story. (Adjective phrase)

2.Grandfather told us that he knew many stories. (Verb clause)

3.i heard of the accident. (Noun phrase)(exclusing 'of' as 'heard of' is a phrasal verb)

4.i heard how the accident happened. (Adverb phrase)

5.we expect that the prices will rise. (Verb clause)

6.we expect a price rise. (Noun phrase)

7.i believe in what he says. (Adjective phrase)

8.i believe his story. (Noun phrase)

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