Identifythe different roles and status that you play and are located in. Doyou think roles and status change? Discuss when and how they change.

Note:Any answer supported with argument or explanation would solve thepurpose.

Onesample answer has been provided to you:

An individual (you) has many roles and status. For instance, astudent whose duty is to study, also plays the role of a son or adaughter. He/she enjoys the status of being a son or a daughter. Thisstatus will not change but a new status of husband or wife would getattached to him/her once he/she gets married. Later, the status ofbeing a mother or a father would also apply to him/her.

Not only this, but the individual also plays the role of a brother,sister, nephew, niece, friend, etc.

Similarly, the status and duties of being a student would changeaccordingly, once his/her studies get over and he/she gets employed.

In this way, the status and role of the individual (you) changesaccording to time and place and the new status and roles get attachedto the individual.

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