if 1 side of triangle is 4 cm and other side of triangle is 3 cm and the angle is 30 degfor 1 triangle for second triangle Lleis 120 degand it is not right angled tringleand for both triangles sides are same

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For the triangle with two sides, a=4 cm and b=3 cm and angle between them, θ=30°So, the third side, c=a2+b2-2abcosθ=42+32-2×4×3cos30°=16+9-24×32=25-1234.21 cmFor other triangle with two sides, a=4 cm and b=3 cm and angle between them, θ=120°So, the third side, c=a2+b2-2abcosθ=42+32-2×4×3cos120°=16+9+24×12=376.08 cm

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use the cosine rule
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=> 42+32-2.3.4.cos30deg
=> 16+9-24root3/2
=> 25-24root3/2
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