If a dot is put in the incircle of an equilateral triangle without looking into it,
(a) Find the probability of the dot being inside the incircle
​(b) Find the probability of the dot being outside the incircle.

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We know that if r is radius of incircle and s is semiperimeter and  is areaof triangle , thenr=s=34a23a2r=a23Hence area of incircle=πr2=πa23=πa212Hencei Probability of the dot being inside the incircle=Area of incircle=πa21234a2=π33ii Probability of the dot being outside the incircle=1- Probability of the dot being inside the incircle=1-π33

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In equilateral triangle r = a/2root 3

a is side of triangle

Area of incircle = pi*a^2/12
Area of triangle = root3/4 * a^2

a) P= area of incircle / area of triangle

b)P' = 1 - P
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