If a mirror will be placed in 360 degree so there will be no image formed as the formula for multiple reflection says 360/angle-1 so 360/360-1 is 0 is it right???

Dear student, 
here the angle is the angle of inclination between 2 mirrors so if the angle is 360 which means that both mirrors are in same position, facing in same direction.

​​​​​​And the actual formula is  floor(360/angle-1)
 here floor means the if you get a non integer value
Then it becomes the least integer. 
for eg.  floor(5.3)=5     floor(6.99)= 6
And here 360/360-1= 360/359 =1.0027
and floor(1.0027) = 1
So only one image will be formed as it should be. 
And the formula is valid here. 


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