if a norm man marries women who us carrier of sickle cell anemia,what is probability of having carrier children

Sickle cell anemia is an autosomal recessive disease in which RBC shape become sickle like. In this question when normal man (Hb​AHbA) marries a woman who is carrier of sickle cell anemia(HbAHbS) then their progeny will be-
Female                                                            Male
HbSHbA                       X                              HbAHbA
offspring will be
HbSHbA         HbSHbA           HbAHbA          HbAHbA
(male)          (female)            (male)               (female)
i.e. half the offspring is normal(HbAHbA) and half is carrier(HbAHbS)
so, probability of having carrier children to this disease is 50%

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Let us use the punnett square diagram where-
the woman's genes are- Xo X                 [Where the sign 'o' symbolizes carrier]
And the man's are- XY
Laying these genes on the adjacent sides of the punnett square, we get-

Thus, from the square, the possibility of having a carrier child is 2 out of 4 where the 2 carrier children are 1 girl and 1 boy.
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