If a plant is releasing A carbon dioxide and taking in oxygen during day time does it means that there is no photosynthesis occurring during night justify your answer

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If a plant is releasing carbon dioxide and taking in oxygen, it means the plant is performing respiration. It does not mean that the plant has stopped performing photosynthesis. In daytime plants perform both photosynthesis and respiration simultaneously, but as the carbon dioxide released in respiration is again taken up by the plant itself for photosynthesis, we cannot make out the release of gases due to respiration clearly. At night when photosynthesis is stopped, respiration process becomes clear by the release of carbon dioxide.

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No the plant undergoes the process at night by preparing an separate medium(adp)
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This is the correct answer as per as CBSE

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There is no photosynthesis as plant releases O2 and takes in CO2  during photosynthesis . The reverse is not true as starch will not be formed
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