If a ques is asked that find value of quantum numbers of electron in 2s orbital so for the electrons in 2s orbitals will azimuthal quantum number be 1 or 0...because here n=2 

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The principal quantum number describes the size of the orbital whereas the azimuthal quantum number describes the shape of the orbital.

Now, l = n - 1 , where l = azimuthal quantum number and n = principal quantum number

By convention, the following letters are used to describe the shape of the orbital, irrespective of primary quantum number:
  • s orbital, l = 0
  • p orbital, l = 1
  • d orbital, l = 2
  • f orbital, l = 3

So, all s - orbitals will have l = 0, whether it is 1s , 2s or 3s.

Thus, the azimuthal quantum number for 2s orbital will be 0. For 2p orbital, it will be 1.

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