If a ratio of length of a rectangular field to its breadth is 6:5.Complete the table that shows some possible lengths and breadths of the field.
Length in m 12m --------- ----------- 60
Breadth in m --------- 25 60 -----------
plsanswer this same quationnot other example like this.Thank you
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The ratio of length of a rectangular field to it's breadth = 651)Length =12 m length breadth=6512breadth=6512×5=6×breadth By cross-multiplicationbreadth=10 m2)Breadth = 25 m length breadth=65length 25=65length ×5=6×25 By cross-multiplicationlength =30 m3)Breadth = 60 m length breadth=65length 60=65length ×5=6×60 By cross-multiplicationlength =72 m4)Length =60 m length breadth=6560breadth=6560×5=6×breadth By cross-multiplicationbreadth=50 m

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