If any sentence contain have to then the verb come after have to /had to/has to that verb always come in 1st form is it true they never used in 2nd or 3rd form can it used in v4 means in ing form like eating,playing or not plz tell me elaborate in detail

If you use only 'have to/had to/has to', then the verb which follows will be in the first form.
For example: I have to finish my homework.
She has to submit her assignment.
They had to pay their fee by the 10th of every month.

This is because infinitive (to+verb) is used and the infinitive uses the verb in its first form.
For example: She will have to report to her office on time.

Only when other words/verbs are added after 'have to/has to/had to', does the following verb change its form.
For example: The work has to be completed by noon.

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