If by radiation all nitrogenase enzymes are inactivated, then there will be no
A) Fixation of atmospheric nitrogen
B) Conversion from nitrate to nitrite in legumes
C)Conversion from ammonium to nitrate in soil
D) Fixation of nitrogen in legumes
In some books ans given is option (A) like in pradeep and in some books ans given is (D) like in mtg
So which is the correct ans ??

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Option (D) is correct.

Nitrogenase enzyme is exclusively required for biological nitrogen fixation (fixation by bacteria in the leguminous plants) only. If it gets inactivated by radiation, the process of biological nitrogen fixation will get affected. Nitrogen in the atmosphere gets fixed by other means also. So, entire phenomena of nitrogen fixation will not be stopped by the absence of nitrogenase enzyme. Also, c
onversion from nitrate to nitrite in legumes and Conversion from ammonium to nitrate in soil does not require nitrogenase. Hence, they will also not be affected. 

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