If cell A and B kept in a same solution and cell A
become turgid and B become plasmolysed then
what will happen ?
(A) OP and ψw of cell A increases
(B) OP decreases and ψw increase in cell A
(C) OP and ψw of cell B increases
(D) ψw decreases and OP increases in cell B
Which of the above statements are correct ?
(1) A and B
(2) A and C
(3) B and D
(4) only D

Dear Student, 

Plasmolysis is the shrinkage of the cytoplasm and withdrawal of the plasma membrane from the cell wall caused due to the withdrawal of water when placed in a hypertonic solution.

The cell is said to be turgid when the plant cell wall becomes rigid and stretched by an increase in the volume of vacuoles due to the absorption of water when placed in hypotonic solution.

Ψw = water potential
OP = osmotic pressure

Fully turgid cell has highest water potential and it has decreased osmotic potential whereas plasmolysed cell has negative values of water potential and increased osmotic potential.

Option (3) is thus correct answer,  OP decreases and ψw increases in cell A while ψw decreases and OP increases in cell B.



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