If debenture is issued 1st April 2018 so in question we have given two years i.e 31st march 2019 and 31st March 2018 so in which year we will charge interest

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If Debentures are issued on 1st April 2018 then we have to charge interest on debentures on the amount of 31st March 2019 because it includes the new debentures also along with the previous debentures.
But remember, if in the question Debentures are issued on 31st March 2019 then you have to charge the interest on the amount of 31st March 2018.


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31st March 2019
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For the year ending 31 march 2019 interest will be charged
Also year 31march 2018 lies before the date of issue of debenture so no interest on that year
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