if equivalent weight of s in so2 is 8 then equivalent weight of s in so3 is

Consider the formation of SO2,
     S + O2 → SO2
Thus, 2 x 16g O combine with 32g S.
    The equivalent mass of O = 8g (by definition).
So if 32g O combine with 32g of S,
    then 8g of O will combine with 8g of S making equivalent mass of S = 8 in this compound which is as indicated in the question.
In the case of SO3,
    48g O join with 32g S which means, 48/6 = 8 g of O2 will combine with 32/6 = 5.33 g of S
which indicates that equivalent weight of S in SO3 = 5.33 g = option 1

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