If I am Roma Singh Head girl of Rainbow public school.My school is being organising a n interhouse cultural school . for this,i need to call a meeting in which i have to tell them the students of school in ,manntaining cooperation. write a notice in more than 60 words asking the students to atend the meeting .

Dear student 

The following question tests your creativity and should be attempted on your own. However, here are a few useful hints. 

Inter-house cultural competition

This is to inform that the school will be conducting an inter-house cultural competition in the following weeks. A ‚Äčpreliminary meeting will be held at the auditorium to go over the details of the competition and to emphasise the need of student cooperation. Further details about the competition will be provided on a later date.

Venue: School auditorium
Date: 16-11-16
Time: 2:30 pm


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dear fellow studennts,
i roma singh head girl of Rainbow public school,requests you to attend a meeting on the occasion of a interhouse cutural  event ,you would be briefed about that .

yours head girl

hope this helps.
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