If solute is added to pure water..describe(if decreases or increases)
1)water potential
2)solute Potential
3)pressure potential
4)matric potential
5)osmotic potential
6)osmotic pressure

Dear student,
If the solute is added to pure water, the
1)Water potential will decrease because the value of solute potential becomes more negative and this leads to the decrease in water potential.
2)solute potential also decreases as more amount of solute is being added to the pure water.
3)pressure potential increases as more amount of water will enter the cell due to increase in solute concentration in pure water.
4)matric potential will decrease as water which will be attracted by the solute particles will have lower energy state than that of pure water.
5)Osmotic potential is same as solute potential and will decrease as written in point 2.
6)osmotic pressure will increase as water will move from lower solute concentration to higher concentration of solute.

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