If the questions are given as:
so how to we know in which one we have to subtract.

DearStudent,In these type of question we have to perform both the operation addition as well as subtraction.1.       -7+-9+4+16=-7-9+4+16  Remove the bracket and use +-=-  and ++=+=-7-9+4+16    Write same sign numbers together=-7+9+4+16  take - common from -7 and -9 because only they have the negative sign=-16+4+16=4                 since 16 and -16 are cancel out because they are same number with opposite sign-7+-9+4+16=4Kindly ask the remianing query in different threads.

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I am very confused that which sum is for addition or subtraction so i want to know the identification for them.
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the answer for the given question is - 1122
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you have to use your knowledge for this question it is very easy!
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