if the walls of your school library could speak, they would have many interesting tales to narrate about students and satffs who visited daily, if you were one of the walls, with the gift of making a diary entry. what would you write in diary. write a diary entry.

This is just a sample for your reference:


Saturday, 17 November 2011

22:00 hrs

Dear Diary,

I see so many students and staff visiting the library everyday. However, I feel very dismayed with how less students visit the library nowadays. They are not at all inspired. They hide and operate on their mobile phones inside the library. Staff also finds the racks as a hideout to talk ill about their colleagues. However, I have a favorite person. I don't know his name and neither his grade. He seems to be a pretty thoughtful person who writes poetry in the library. He stares at me blankly and all of a sudden pens down his poetic thoughts. (to be continued based on your discretion)

Library wall


Hope this helps!

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