If F open parentheses x close parentheses equals fraction numerator sin space pi open square brackets x close square brackets over denominator open curly brackets x close curly brackets end fraction, then F(x) is: (where {.} denotes fractional part function and [..] denotes greatest integer function and sgn (x) is a signum function)

(A) periodic with fundamental period 1
(B) even
(C) range is singleton
(D) identical to sgn open parentheses sgn fraction numerator open curly brackets x close curly brackets over denominator square root of open curly brackets x close curly brackets end root end fraction close parentheses minus 1

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Fx=sinπxxAs fractional part is 0 for xI, hence domain of fx=R-INow x always gives integer and at integral multiple of π, sine is 0, henceFx=0 for xR-IHence range of Fx is 0-a singleton set...OptionC

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