If there is low rainfall in a village thoughout the year what measures will you suggest to the farmers for better cropping

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If there is low rainfall in a village throughout the year, the farmers need to take necessary measures responsible for water conservation. Following are some suggestions which may be helpful to farmers.

1) Farmers should cultivate those crops which are drought resistant and early maturing. These crops will consume less water and would be beneficial for farmers.

2) Farmers should use organic manure and humus so that these will increase the water holding capacity of soil for the longer time period.

3) If there are rivers in that particular region then the farmers can construct short canals from the rivers and use that water for irrigation.

4) Farmers should conserve rain water through building water storage tanks so that every drop of rain water is conserved for the future use.

5) Farmers should use traditional methods of irrigation involving different ways of obtaining water from wells, lakes and canals and transporting it to the fields with the help of cattle or by human labour.
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