If we delegate authority we sim[ly multiply it by two , if we decentralise it we multiply it by many. ion the light of this statemnet explain any four points of importance of decentralisation

Delegation implies transfer of authority from a superior to his subordinate. It is an essential concept for effective organisation. This is because delegation lowers the burden on the manager facilitating them to focus on activities that command higher priority. This is the case where the authority is multiplied by two i.e. the authority is transferred from the boss to his subordinate. 

Decentralisation, on the other hand, refers to the dispersal of the decision making power among the middle and lower level managers. In such cases, the authority is said to be multiplied by many i.e. the decision making power and authority is spread among the other levels of management.

The above mentioned is an explanation on delegation and decentralisation in the light of the given statement. For the rest of the part of the question stating the advantages of Decentralisation. You can refer to the below mentioned link.


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