If you add carbon disulphide in a test tube containing a mixture of iron filings and sulphur powder, what do you observe after shaking the test tube well?
(a)Sulphur dissolves to form colourless solution and the iron filings settle down.
(b)Some brown gas is evolved.
(c)Yellow solution is formed and iron filings settle down.
(d)After some time, carbon disulphide, sulphur and iron filings form three separate layers in the test tube.

Dear student,

Addition of carbon disulphide to a mixture containing iron fillings and sulphur powder, leads to formation of a clear yellow solution when sulphur powder dissolves in carbon disulphide, on gentle shaking. Iron fillings being insoluble settle in the bottom. These can be separated by filtration. When the solution is allowed to evaporate, powder of solid sulphur is obtained. 
Hence, the correct answer is option C.


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1st one is correct
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you can see by reaction of its bases.
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yes ok
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when sulphur is dissolved in carbon disulphide with iron, a yellow coloured solution sulphur with carbon disulphide is formed and iron filings settles down. since tey are forming a mixture so the costituents of the mixture and hat are iron and sulphur will show their properties.
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