if you fail to plan you plan to fail do you agree give any three reason

"If you've failed to plan, then you've planned to fail". The following reasons vouch for this statement :

1. Planning provides direction : Planning provides direction by stating in advance what is to be done. It leads to unity of direction. If there were no plans, then the employees would've been working in directions and organisational goal could never be achieved.

2. Planning reduces the risk of uncertainties: Planning involves making assumptions and predictions regarding future on the basis of past experiences of managers. Accordingly, assets can be kept aside for meeting uncertainties associated with events such as loss by fire or accidents.

3. Planning establishes standards for controlling : Controlling refers to comparing actual performance with specified standards, finding out deviations (if any) and taking corrective measures. If there were no planned performance, then the manager would have no basis for comparison of actual performance.
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Importance of planning
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Failing to plan is planning to fail i.e., importance of planning :-

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