If you were a sports minister what changes would you make in the society.

If ever I become a sports minister, I would change many things. First of all, the national game of India is hockey, but no importance is given to it. I will see to it that the players of Hockey get recognition and a lot of benefits so that this game becomes famous. There are many sports in India but all the limelight goes only to cricket. This needs to change. In fact the whole sports scenario in India needs a face lift. There are no funds available for many games and the players suffer a lot. No facilities are given and absolutely no recognition to the players. Only the cricketers get all the fame, name and fortune. I will see that training centres are established to give proper training to the athletes and they get all the amenities that is rightfully theirs. After all, these  players too, bring laurels for our country. I do hope that my dream of changing the sports system in India comes true one day.

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